Streaming of live images from PlusApp to 3DSlicer/Python code (TELEMED Probe)

I am trying to stream messages from PlusApllication to 3D Slicer. I use TELEMED probe and follow this tutorial.
I use default config file in Plus from here.

Everything seems to work, but VolumeResliceDriver for some reason doesn’t show anything on the red channel screen, what can cause this problem?

PS: I know that PlusApp streams data via OpenIGTLink. Is it possible to recieve those images in python code without using 3D Slicer at all?

This is using the 64-bit Telemed? You may need to run Plus in either Administrator mode or in Windows 8 compatibility mode to get the images to show up.

It is a known issue with the 64-bit Telemed SDK.

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Kyle Sunderland, thank you very much, running in Administrator mode helped! Do you know, by any chance, is it possibloe to recieve a stream of live images from Plus in Python code? Preferably, I want to be able to take snapshots at specific times from the Python code instead of just continuous stream.

Do you mean accessing the images in pure Python, without Slicer, or accessing the images in Slicer using Python?

For pure Python, you can use the pyIGTL package (pyigtl · PyPI).

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