Submillimetric COVID-19 CT dataset

Hi all,
I apologize if I’m posting in the wrong section (if so please remove/move this post).

We just released a free (non commercial use) dataset made of 62 submillimetric CT scans of COVID-19 positive patients.
Automatic lung tissue labeling and human-based clinical score are provided as well.
Maybe in this difficult historical period, this dataset can be useful for your research.

Here the article:

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Dear Paolo,

That is great, thanks for your contribution.

Are there other clinical data such as survival outcomes, ICU admission or other (anonymized) data available as well?


Hi Paolo,

Thank you, this looks like an amazing source.

We recently developed a Lung CT Analyzer extension for 3D Slicer for COVID-19 assessments. It can be installed within Slicer from the extension manager.

The sources can be pull from here: GitHub - rbumm/SlicerLungCTAnalyzer: This is a 3D Slicer extension for segmentation and spatial reconstruction of infiltrated, collapsed, and emphysematous areas in chest CT examinations.

We will definitely check out your data, comments and ideas for the extension are always welcome !

Best regards

Rudolf Bumm, Chur, Switzerland

Thanks @Justin !
We are trying to retrive these data, but I can not promise anything.

@rbumm I saw your extension…that’s really great!
The aim of our paper was to release high quality images (on internet a lot of people published png-like images…) alongside with some clinical data and a way to automatically get some labels from CTs.
Let me know if I can provide additional information (as already said we are trying to retrive additional clinical information).


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I would be very interested in how the community could help to enlarge the dataset.