Superimposing MicroCT DICOM files to detect Asymmetry

Hi! I am working on a project where we placed appliances on the maxillary teeth of rats in an effort to constrict the maxillary jaw. I made 3D reconstruction of my models in Amira. I would like to merge all my control models into 1 model and then compare every experimental model to the control and see if the appliance resulted in any asymmetry rather than just comparing the width of the maxilla. Does the 3D slicer software have the ability to help me with that? and if yes would you mind guiding me on how I can do that?

Thank you very much for your help and look forward to hearing form you soon.

Do you mean like creating an average model as reference?

In any event, you would probably find the DeCA tool useful for your needs. It does require an initial set of landmarks to do initial alignment, but then you can create an average model out of controls, and then visualize the difference in your treatment group.

You can find the chapter here:

At this point you need to manually install the extension from: GitHub - smrolfe/DeCA: Dense Correspondence Analysis (DeCA) toolkit.

Is there a way that I can schedule a video call to get a tutorial for ALPACA and DeCA?

If you have questions, you can join our SlicerMorph online user check-ins, 4th thursday of the month at 11 (PT).
Next one is on May 28th.