Superimposition of CBCT + linear measurement


I am currently developing a research protocol which requires the superimposition of 2 CBCT scans of the maxilla or the mandible. I then need to measure the dimensional changes in the alveolar bone of a specific section/slice. The measurements should be linear. Is this possible with the 3D Slicer?


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You can align register images automatically, using “General registration (Elastix)” module (provided by SlicerElastix extension) or semi-automatically using Fiducial Registration Wizard module (provided by SlicerIGT extension).

You can make distance measurements using Markups module (line tool) in recent Slicer Preview Releases (or using annotation rulers in Slicer-4.10).

If you need more information then search this forum or try Google and if you get stuck then let us know.

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