Tooth measurement with SLICER

Hi everyone,
I am a dentist by profession and an orthodontist in making. I am doing a project where we are aiming to measure linear and angular tooth movement in all three planes of space by superimposing 3d scans of pre and post orthodontic(braces) treatment. I need some help with superimposition and then make the measurements. Can anybody please guide or help me with that?
Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

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Furqan Jamal

Hi Furqan

Iā€™m an ENT surgeon and a Slicer user for 2+ years and I would recommend to try the landmark registration first so you can have a sense how it can be done.
Then, I would try the elastix module to test the registration on your dataset.
The measurements may be done using the measurements tools from Slicer.
Hope it helps