Superimpossion of 2 models in STL format


For a research project, I am trying to superimpose (AUTOMATIC supperimposition) the STL formats of the files and then do the color mapping and measure the gaps and distance between these models.

What is the best way to have a consistent results? (I have one master model and 40 samples that should be superimposed on it and measure the gaps on some certain fixed points on the master model).
I want to eliminate the human error during manual superimposition.

I really appreciate to help me out.


This can be a start:

  • Create a segmentation from each STL using the Segmentations module
  • Register the models using the Segment Registration extension (download and install from Extension Manager)
  • Measure distances using Segment Comparison module in SlicerRT extension


ok. Thank you. I am so new to this software and almost know nothing. I work on it. Hopefully I get it done.

Again, thank you for your response