System requirements

Dear Slicer
What are the minimum system requiremetns for Slicer 4.8.0 running WinXP Pro
SP3 ?
When I tried to run ir, it just showed up in TaskManager and sat there
doing nothing.
I tried looking through the forums and also tried your discbot and couldn’t
find anything.

I just want to run your software because I have old CT images, and possibly
new(taken Wed night) MRI imges that I NEED to see whats going on, because I
am having (30yrs) problems of getting the doctors I see to actually
acknowledge that I have bad back(HD L4-L5) and neck(arthritis), amongst a
few other issues.

Rob Sherwood

Hi Rob,
I think I am in safe territory saying that XP is not supported.
It might work or might not. You would definitely need 64 bit XP.
Probably 2GB RAM.

If you can’t get Slicer to work, you might try ImageJ:

Another option might be Slicer 3.6:

Good luck!

Thanks. Its that it is getting harder and harder to get a simple answer
these days.
I’ll give 3.6 a go, and i’ll get back to you.

The 4.8.0 exe Did show up in Task Manager, but it just sat there and did
nothing. zero cpu usage. I though that the program might need a few minutes
because it a fresh install and needs a bit of time to initialize, but ten
mins later, still nothing.


Its in and running, but It won’t let me import 2d gif or tiff images. is
there a way to do this ?