The sequence module

im trying to use the sequence module, however I’m not successful at all .
the documentation about it is not cleat at all to my level .

id appreciate some help and explanation


Please describe your overall goal and also specifically what you did, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead.

I’m trying to experiment with making a video with slices scrolling volumes /segments

pretty much clueless about what do the parameters mean

like in this example i made a volume render and trying to show axial/sagittal slice going through it

but I’m not sure about all these parameters and whats a master sequence and other sequences mean

For a slice sweep video, the easiest is to use Screen Capture module. Choose a slice view as master view and “slice sweep” animation mode, and enable capture all views.

For animating volume rendering cropping and properties, you can use Animator module in SlicerMorph extension.