TotalSegmentator indicates that GTX 1060 GPU has not enough memory

Hello everyone,

first of all I must say that Total Segmentor is a game changer with it’s fast segmentation. GREAT JOB!!!

Second, I have a question… I have NVidia GTX 1060 graphic card with GPU memory 13.9 GB as in the pic1.

But when I start the segmentation it says that I need to change to “fast” mode because my computer has less than 7 GB GPU, although the integrated card has memory of 7.9 GB GPU, also.

What I have to change? I tried to set my settings that the Slicer app uses GPU and the same note showed…


The GTX 1060 has in fact 6 GB VRAM so the message is true. It´s also in your screenshot - see dedicated video memory.

You can check it with the NVIDIA Control Panel.

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