TotalSegmenter looks for a non-existant archve file

When I try to run TotalSegmenter with the sample data ( in Slicer 5.3.0), I get this message

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Gene\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27\bin\Python\slicer\”, line 2973, in tryWithErrorDisplay
File “C:/Users/Gene/AppData/Local/NA-MIC/Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27/NA-MIC/Extensions-31549/TotalSegmentator/lib/Slicer-5.3/qt-scripted-modules/”, line 255, in onApplyButton
File “C:/Users/Gene/AppData/Local/NA-MIC/Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27/NA-MIC/Extensions-31549/TotalSegmentator/lib/Slicer-5.3/qt-scripted-modules/”, line 624, in setupPythonRequirements
File “C:\Users\Gene\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27\bin\Python\slicer\”, line 3586, in pip_install
_executePythonModule(‘pip’, args)
File “C:\Users\Gene\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27\bin\Python\slicer\”, line 3548, in _executePythonModule
File “C:\Users\Gene\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27\bin\Python\slicer\”, line 3517, in logProcessOutput
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, proc.args, output=proc.stdout, stderr=proc.stderr)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '[‘C:/Users/Gene/AppData/Local/NA-MIC/Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27/bin/…/bin\PythonSlicer.EXE’, ‘-m’, ‘pip’, ‘install’, '’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

I found that the archive does not exist online. How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Gene Risi

If the is not accessible for you then it means that you have a network connectivity problem.

If you want to get more details on why the installation fails, exit Slicer and launch this in a Windows Command Prompt:

"C:\Users\Gene\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\Slicer 5.3.0-2023-01-27\bin\PythonSlicer.EXE" -m pip install

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Thank you, Andras! That worked and now things are running :grinning:

Where can we get the information about available GitHub archive files for this and other projects?

Github accepts any branch name or commit hash as .zip file name.

Sry, but where did you find the If I enter
it does not show what zip files are available. Should we just use a commit hash?

You can find commit hashes in the commit history.

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