Tracheal wall segmentation

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to expand the usage of Slicer in tracheal stenotic disease. For that, it would be necessary to segment the tracheal wall with its thickness. The workflows that I use to segment the airway are based on extracting the air column and do not fit very well for that purpose.

Does anyone have some tips for that?


I would suggest doing

  • a grow from seeds inner airway segmentation first

  • then grow this segmentation by 3 mm

  • then create a new segment “trachea wall”

  • threshold the wall so that it becomes visible in the segment editor

  • Set masking to “Inside Segment 1” (your enlarged airway) and “Allow overlap”, then “Apply” thresholding

  • shrink back your initial inner airway segmentation by 3 mm

  • do some fine tuning


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Thanks again Rudolf ! It works very well. I think we have the limitation of the exam resolution. Maybe its impossibel o isolate the tracheal rings for example. Sometimes in older patients when we have calcificatios it seens to be easier.

Thanks for the update - you can reduce the smoothing of your tracheal wall segmentation by left-clicking and expanding the “Show 3D button” and reducing the “Surface smoothing” to 0.3 or 0.2 - this should help you to get more tracheal ring details