Transform and Harden to establish Orthogonal view

Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my scanned fish heads (from µCT, tiff-files).

My scans are shifted and I wand to bring them in an standardized orthogonal view. I tried to replicate it like in this video:" 3D Slicer Workflow: Transforming Data to Orthogonal Planes - YouTube " but it doesn’t stay hardened in the programmed position.

Here I select Transfrom to connect the Volume with the predefined Transform file.

Now the position of the volume in the red window is correct (and in the others too), I want to lock this transformation.

After hardening it and closing and opening the eye icon again, its shifted in at a new angel.

My main goal is to shift the voxels or slices according to an orthogonal view of my sample.

Can you expand the slice view toolbar and make sure that the orientation is not shown as “reformat”?

It is due to Slicer automatically setting the slice views to match the image axes by default. You can turn off this feature by right-clicking on the eye icon and unchecking “Reset… on show” checkboxes: