How to lock slices or axes to orthogonal status?

How to lock slices or axes to orthogonal status(be perpendicular to each other)?

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By when you rotate slices using Ctrl + Alt + Left-click-and-drag, relative angle between slices planes are preserved. You can use this for quick interactive image reslicing with orthogonal planes.

You can also use Valve View module (in SlicerHeart extension). It is useful for rotation around a fixed center point.

You can also use a transform to reslice an image with orthogonal slices, using Volume Reslice Driver module (in SlicerIGT extension). It can be used in combination with Endoscopy module to reslice along a curved trajectory.

There are many more ways. If you describe what you want to do then we can give more specific advice.


我在程序里用了这个代码, 好像是因为这个原因,RedSlice发生了偏斜,救助好几天…没人回答,我找到了restoreViews来控制似乎管用


I used the getPlaneIntersectionPoint, in the program. It seems that for this reason, redSlice deflected and saved for several days… No one answered. I found restoreViews to control it. It seems to work.