Transform Problem

Operating system:
Slicer version: 4.11.0-2019-11-28
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:


I segmentation two model from two CT-scan
1)Sometimes when I transform two models with Finducial markups and General Brainsfit, these models don’t overlap. What else could I do?
2) when I registered the model with Transform using Harden, the model disappear and you only see one model? Who is the other model? What I can do?
3) The landmark is does not work, why?

Thank you for your help

I’m not sure how fiducial markups registration works in Brainsfit. For landmark registration between two models, I would recommend to use Fiducial registration wizard module (in SlicerIGT extension).

By transforming, I found that when using the Harden, the second model disappears completely (see picture). That was not the case last year. Why is that jet so?

Thank you very much

You are using a very old Slicer version. Please try the latest Slicer Preview Release.

how can i move two ct dates so that they are on top of each other?


You can try “General registration (Elastix)” module (provided by SlicerElastix extension). If that fails for some reason then you can register based on manually defined landmarks using “Landmark registration” module.

the problem with my scan is that the bones are rotated from two measurements (have changed position). I have to turn them properly and then overlap them. How can I turn both bones in the same position?
And Landmark registration it does not work.

LandmarkRegistration has been fixed in recent preview builds (for the last couple months)