Trouble setting up OptiTrack duo with Plus

I am following the tutorial (Slicer Tutorial #4: Opening the PLUS Connection — Andy's Brain Book 1.0 documentation) and have successfully exported the configuration and profile .xml files. When I click “Launch server” on PLUS Server Launcher, it prints “Connection failed, please select another device set and try again.” and throws the following errors:

|ERROR|055.036000|SERVER> Unable to find required ProjectFile attribute in Device element in device set configuration| in :\D\PSNPb\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\OptiTrack\vtkPlusOptiTrack.cxx(142)

|ERROR|055.051000|SERVER> Failed to read parameters of device: TrackerDevice (type: OptiTrack)| in :\D\PSNPb\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusDataCollector.cxx(126)

|ERROR|055.051000|SERVER> Datacollector failed to read configuration| in :\D\PSNPb\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusDataCollector.cxx(248)

|ERROR|055.051000|SERVER> Datacollector failed to read configuration| in :\D\PSNPb\PlusLib\src\PlusServer\Tools\PlusServer.cxx(87)

|ERROR|055.073000| Server stopped unexpectedly. Return code: 1| in E:\D\PSNPb\PlusApp\PlusServerLauncher\PlusServerLauncherMainWindow.cxx(864)

Link to my config file:

Link to my profile file:

Thank you in advance for any tips for troubleshooting or solutions.


Where is your Profile.xml located relative to the config file directory?

Both the profile and config .xml files are located in the same folder.

@Sunderlandkyl @lassoan

Would someone from your teams have sometime to help us setup the instrument via zoom session? This is very new to us, I think if we can pass the point of configuring we can make some progress, but our interns time is quite limited.

Probably the configuration files need to be in the configuration folder. Follow the pattern used in the example configuration files. @Sunderlandkyl is the expert in this - he may be able to give more specific advice.


@Sunderlandkyl would you have time for a zoom session?

Sure, I can make time today before 12 or after 2, or tomorrow after 12.

I will send you a PM

Thanks to @Sunderlandkyl we managed to get our camera working.

We now would like to replace the generic needle model with the actual optitrack probe/stylus model. Is there a repository of 3D models? For reference , this is what we have.
OptiTrack - Measurement Tools