trouble viewing my files

I have watched a couple of youtube introductions to 3D Slicer, but am having challenges to get my .DCM files to display properly. Either no image appears or I see collapsed views. Any suggestions how to work past this? Thank you.

Please try with latest Slicer Preview Release. Let us know if any warnings or errors are displayed during loading.

Thank you for the reply. I downloaded v4.11.0, as you suggested. No error messages appeared when I dragged my .dcm files into 3D Slicer. Still, the MRI images either don’t appear or are collapsed.

In general, to import DICOM images you should use the DICOMBrowser (the icon that says DCM). That might fix some of the issues you are facing.

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Very good point!

@bob Make sure you are in DICOM module when you drag-and-drop your DICOM folder to Slicer’s application window to import files into your DICOM database. Slicer will then index the files and you can double-click on a patient, study, or series, to load it into the current scene.