Ultrasound volume reconstruction

Hello everyone,

I am interested in reconstructing the volume of joints using ultrasound machines available at my school. So far, I have been able to set up the ultrasound simulator in Slicer. I have Konica Minolta HS2, Fujifilm PX and Edge II ultrasound machines at my disposal. I plan on using one of the optical trackers our lab has as well. Before I dive into trying to make this work, I just want to make sure Plustoolkit and Silcer are able to be configured with the hardware devices I had. These machines were not listed on Plus’ website but is there a way to set them up (with limited programming experience!). Thank you in advance and thanks for all the work everyone has put into this amazing application!

PLUS should be the package you need, but you’re right that it doesn’t look like any of the ultrasound scanners you have are supported out-of-the-box. If you have access to the API/SDK of these ultrasound systems (provided by the manufacturer), you can attempt to code up your own class (see Adding a Device). This does require a fair amount of comfort with C++, but you can use the other devices as a template for your code (e.g. PlusLib/vtkPlusIntersonVideoSource.cxx).

If you dont have access to SDKs, you can investigate using a frame grabber that will essentially record the stream from the ultrasound display and send those frames to Slicer over the IGTLink server (see Epiphan frame grabber). More information on Data collection devices can be found here Device set configuration. Hope this helps!