Offline reconstruction with other devices

Hi everyone,
I’m a PhD student currently working on ultrasound volume reconstruction and I just found 3DSlicer/SlicerIGT. I tried the tutorials and the results are really impressive.
I need your help for the two following issues:
First I tried the tutorial on the elbow offline reconstruction. It is not clear to me why there is a need for a stylus in this example. I thought the stylus was used for the calibration step, but once this step is done, I do not understand why we need to compute the stylustoreference matrix.
The second point is that I do not have the US and tracking systems that are proposed by the PLUS toolkit. Since I just a do not need a reconstruction in real time but rather an offline reconstruction, do you know if it is possible to change the configuration files so that I can compute a volume reconstruction with other devices ?
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It is not needed. It can be useful if you want to register the acquired ultrasound to pre-procedural images based on anatomical landmarks. [quote=“Nolwenn, post:1, topic:2523”]
I do not have the US and tracking systems that are proposed by the PLUS toolkit.

Plus can acquire ultrasound images from any scanner by using framegrabbers. What tracking system do you use?

You just need to create a sequence file that contains images and transforms in this format: Plus applications user manual: Sequence file and run the command-line volume reconstructor tool: Plus applications user manual: Volume reconstruction

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Thank you so much for your answer !
We have the Vicon system for the tracking and the Aixplorer (Supersonic Imagine) for the US acquisitions.
What I do not understand is the config file which is needed for the reconstruction. Can I create one for my devices ?