Faild build Slicer in Windows10 with Visual Studio 2017,Qt 5.10.1

Hello thanks for reading.
I wnat to build Slicer ( 4.11 20200930) on Windows10 but build failed repeatedly.
In the past , I tried to build Slicer Source(from git “master” branch) but I saw the CMake configuration error occured.(env : Visual Studio 2017,Qt5.15 include Web Engine & Script,CMake 3.15) and then I changed the environment as follows.
My env is
Visual Studio 2017
Qt 5.10.1(include WebEngine,Script)
CMake 3.15.0-rc1 and Source Code is changed from “master” branch to Slicer-4.11.20200930.
So I did success to do configuration in CMake.

There is no problem with Configuration in CMake(option Visual Studio 2017,x64) and generate too.
but when I build the ALL_BUILD in Slicer.sln , I see the Message of Build Fail 48 out of 54 …

And I can’t find Slicer.exe in directory of Slicer_build\build\ or Slicer_build.

Did I do anything wrong?

This build error and solution (workaround) is discussed here.