Unable to download extensions from the extensions manager

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version:4.11.20210226
Expected behavior: Download works
Actual behavior: Get an error “Error retrieving extension metadata: 60ae226cae4540bf6a89da9d ({303b7c63-e615-43d7-9232-688ef5bec7c9}: 5: Operation canceled)”…

I can’t seem to download any extension from the extension manager. I just get the error above. I also can’t manually download the extensions from the website. I am in a corporate network but usually this hasn’t bean a problem for other applictions.

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The extension server was replaced and too aggressive corporate network/proxy are expected to cause more issues than before. You may find this discussion helpful:

We have an other ongoing investigation of problems downloading behind netskope proxy. Is that what your corporate network uses, too?

@nforwood we are behind a corporate firewall and use self-signed certificates. As indicated in the discussion linked, importing certificates into slicer.crt solves part of the equation. but even then we had a lot of issues (e.g., pip_install’s didn’t work because firewall ended up blocking). So you might have to work with your IT department to find a solution (exceptions, firewall rule changes for specific ITs etc) that will work with your particular situation.