New release 5.0.3, unable to download extension

Operating system: windows
Slicer version: 5.0.3
Expected behavior: attempting to download MONAI, NVIDIA, slicerdevelopmenttoolbox etc etc
Actual behavior: failed downloading:

It’s likely I am doing something very obvious but unsure why this is happening, should I revert back to an older version? I have not used 3d slicer for some months and attempted to install the newest version, but cannot download basic extensions,

What operating system do you use? Which extension download provided you this invalid download link?

Does download work using the Extensions Catalog website?

[a] Windows 10, same as what I have used for all previous versions. [b] I had the invalid download link for all of the aforementioned extensions.


These all work well for me. Are you behind a hospital/corporate firewall or proxy server?

If that’s the case then report this issue to your network administrators. While they fix the issue, you can download the extensions from the Extensions Catalog website and install from file.

I solved something similar by adding and to the DNS nameservers, without having to use any VPN.