Unable to install LesionSpotlight Extension

Hello everyone,

I want to install the LesionSpotlight slicer extension. But I can’t find this by searching in the Extension Manager.
Link to extension: Documentation/Nightly/Extensions/LesionSpotlight - Slicer Wiki

I use MacOS and the slicer version 4.13.0-2021-10-03 r30282 / 04d69cd

I’ve tried other versions of Slicer but can’t find the extension there either.

Is there a way to manually install this through Slicer’s GUI?

Warm greetings

This extension fails to build on recent Slicer versions due to a small syntax error (probably introduces by Slicer core software build tools or library updates).

The maintainers of the extension should be able to fix the problem easily, so please ask them first by submitting an issue in their tracker.

If they don’t respond within 1-2 weeks then let us know here and we’ll see if Slicer core developers can fix the issue.

Thank you so much. I reported the error to their tracker … I will inform you, if they remedy/repair the code.

Unfortunately, none of the LesionSpotlightExtension team responded. You mentioned, that maybe the core development team can fix this issue.