Upgrade to Qt 5.15.2

Hello everyone, I would like to suggest the upgrade of the Qt version to Qt 5.15.2, as there is a minor bug that is bothering me profoundly. (ok a bit of exaggeration here, but it is annoying)
Buttons with padding show a visual feedback of a click on the padding area but does not emit the clicked signal:

I’ve successfully built and used Slicer with Qt 5.15.2 where the issue is solved. 5.15.2 is the latest open source version available. Do we have any reasons not to upgrade?

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We already use 5.15.2 on macOS due to some crippling issues, but until now we haven’t heard about any serious problems with 5.15.1 on the two other platforms. I guess @Sam_Horvath can take care of this. You may submit an issue about this to keep track of its status.


Ok, submitted as a feature request.

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Thank you for reporting this! This issue has been freaking me out for months but never had the time to investigate the cause. I’m glad to hear there is an easy solution.

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