Uploading MRML Files

I’ve received the MRML, .nii.gz, .nrrd files for a segmentation and am trying to upload them to generate a 3D segmentation.

Which file(s) do I upload to 3D Slicer and what next module or steps do I select so I can see the 2D segmentation overlaid the MRI images and see the 3D segmentation? I’m hoping to export the 3D Segmentation.

To my understanding, I should just be able to upload the MRML file to get what I want, but when I switch between the Segment Editor modules I don’t see anything displayed.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

If you open the MRML scene file (.mrml) then it should show everything (MRI, segmentation, etc) as it was shown when the scene was saved.

If this fails for some reason (e.g., not all the files were saved or provided to you) then you can open the image and segmentation files that you have by drag-and-dropping them to the application window. If non-standard file extension was used for saving the segmentation then you may need to choose “Segmentation” in the Description column in the “Add data” window.