US transducer path tracker

I am new to 3D slicer, please be patient we me.
It will be delightful to know if there is a way to load the US probe pathway as a separate file to the US image files batch, if there is a thread about this topic here do please refer me to it.

many thanks

Yes, sure, you can load the ImageToReference transform (or any part of the transform hierarchy) from a separate file and add the loaded sequence to the sequence browser of the image sequence.

Is there any tutorial or a guided instruction that I can follow?
I am very new.

There are many tutorials on how to collect ultrasound imaging and tracking data, calibrate, register, etc. on the SlicerIGT website.

Any processing that is specific to your data are out of scope of any tutorials, but you can ask for advice here. For getting useful advice, you would need to share more information your overall goal and the approach you are considering to implement.

Did not manage to find any tutorial in that regard, could you point me to one of them?