Usage of CLI modules outside Slicer

Hi there!

I’d would like to ask about some details of CLI modules that I wasn’t able to find online for my PhD thesis.

Are CLIs (/SEM/CLP) actually used outside Slicer? I found evidence for that in MITK (the links on the bottom of this page), but what about MeVisLab or others? I heard in the past that MeVisLab also supports them but could not find proof. Is there a common repository that they use? (Slicer uses SEM but it seems to be Slicer-specific).


Yes, by many groups, for example MITK, Gimias, MedInria, MeVisLab, Girder, Niftk. You can find evidence by inspecting their source code.

An other example is HistomicsTK with slicer_cli_web