Valve motion for CFD/FSI simulation

Hi all,

I’m trying to run CFD/FSI based on a 4D longitude ultrasound dataset. I try to segment the heart (especially the outflow tract) and used the module Transform to apply transform sequence to the segmentation. In actual, at some time points the valves inside the outflow tract should be completely closed, so there won’t be any blood flow. Since the segmentation is based on ultrasound images, when the valves close, the segmentation should has breaks (see the screenshot below).
I hope that after I apply the transform sequence, the breakpoint can be reconnected at some time points to simulate valve opening and blood flow out. But when I apply the transform sequence, the nodes don’t reconnect.
Is it possible to achieve this in 3D Slicer?

You probably need to edit the segmentation manually in Segment Editor to make small adjustments.

Hi @lassoan . I did try manual segmentation at different time points. However, none of the segmentations gave the correct motion after being applied to the transform sequence. I was hoping at some time points the segmentation would collapse completely and some nodes on the surface would coincide or even intersect to show the closure of the valves (see the diagram below). Can I do this?