View segments on slices in 3D window before generating surface

Is there a way to visualize a segment on my 2D slices in the 3D window without actually generating the 3D surface?

I have a bone with a large metal piece but there are also metal particulates and also areas of bone around the larger metal piece that thresholded with the metal, so I want to keep the actual metal particulates in my metal segment and add bright bone areas back into the bone segment.

Any suggestions on filters to reduce the streaks would be helpful too–that itself might help me separate the particulates.

You can export the segmentation to labelmap volume and show the labelmap volume slice in the 3D view.

The other question (how to separate bone, metal, and metal artifacts) would deserve creating another topic, with a few more screenshots (show how the image looks like and an ideal segmentation, especially in a region where there are streak artifacts and bone and metal).

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Thank you. This is helpful–I did not think about the labelmaps. I will play around more with the metal and maybe post a separate topic on it.