Visible human project - loading volume from PNG stack

Operating system: windows 10 professional
Slicer version:4.11
Expected behavior: open header
Actual behavior: cannot open header

Dear all: I wish to use the data in the Visual Human Anatomy project to do 3D rendering. I downloaded the data set. Some of them are in RGB format and some in rar format. I unzipped them with winrar but on opening them with infranview, it says they cannot find the header. Is there anyway I can correct that? thanks for your help.

You can load visible human color PNG images as a 3D volume using ImageStacks module in SlicerMorph extension. You need to use the very latest Slicer Preview Release and disable the “grayscale” option.

Thank you very much
Will try

Dear Andras

thank you very much for your advice.

yes, we can do it with the PNG images with no problem. We had problems when we open the other photos, (non-PNG ones) that we had problems with the headers. Usually after we decompress the photos.

thanks again


Which images exactly you have problem with? Please send link to the folder.