Visualizing and controlling robots via ROS

Last month I asked about how to set up robot arm in Slicer on the Slicer discourse. Thanks for Ungi’s reply. Now I just finish the slides on with the REAL UR5 robot. It is an amazing project. There are some question I wanna to ask about the project:

1, I want to use my own tool(needle), I dont know how to compute the needletip’s transform in slicer. I appreciate that if you tell me. So I can click “place from” , the markup will appear at my tool’s tip.

2, When I send the Target and Entry Markups to the ROS, the robot execute it directly. Could I achieve that like I send the points , then I see the path in the Rviz, the program ask me “Would you execute it?”, I set Y, the robot will move. If that could happen, which program should I modify?

3, Mostly the path from the motion planning is not really good , even a lot of times the robot won’t be there(the Target and Entry). I know it is about Moveit. Is this normal? And could you give me some advice?

4, When I get the PlanReference(the Plan Markups harden transform from RasToReference), is this Markups in the Robot coordinate? If I compute the (x, y , z, rx, ry, rz) from the PlanReference Markups, and directly send it to robot(not via ROS), Will the robot be in the position I want?

Thank you very much for your patience in answering my questions every time. I really appreciate about that.


This isn’t an answer to your question, but have you managed to replace the UR5 robot thats in the tutorial with a robot of your own? (having it plan in moveit! and see the planning in both moveit and 3d Slicer)

I’ve also gone through the tutorial and I’m now having trouble trying to replace the UR5 robot with my own, but am having trouble exporting my robot’s link transformations via igtl_exporter to 3D slicer.

hi @Zhao_Su @CHRIS_HUYNH
i also interested in this project,where can find more information about project
thanks in advance!

@ungi and @tokjun have updated the tutorial a few weeks ago for latest version of Slicer and ROS. If you have any specific questions then you can ask them here.

@Jet_Geng I’m happy to take any questions. Thanks for your interest in the project!

thank you very much! it’s really helpful!

thank you very much!I will trouble you if i have any question。 :handshake:

hi, @tokjun i found a ppt file named “Building Software Systems for Image-Guided Robot-Assisted Interventions”, but it’s for SSMR/ISMR 19 workshop。 There are many things are changed. ex: In the section which called “Setting up a universal robot arm on ROS”, the cli command for launch movit has changed, and i have no idea about how to fix it. so Is there a new version ppt about ISMR2021.
Thx in advance, looking forward to your response.