VMTK compatibility in mac m1

I use 3D slicer extension VMTK to extract the centerline and do diameter analysis. I use my own STL file and follow the guidelines in youtube. But I got: Failed to compute results: VMTK library is not found.

I also tried to use VMTK only in mac m1. It looks like there is a compatible issue. I cannot even open VMTK on mac pro with m1 chip. It works in other macs.

VMTK should work well on M1. This is just a packaging error impacting both Intel/M1 macs:

@jcfr could you give us an estimate about when this issue will be addressed?

This has been fixed in COMP: Update VMTK to fix packaging of Python libraries on macOS by jcfr · Pull Request #45 · vmtk/SlicerExtension-VMTK · GitHub

Tomorrow preview build should confirm it works as expected.

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