Volume rendering function

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Good morning,
I would like to use this function to have a 3D vision of skull scans, in order to crop them and do affine registration. However, the volume is displayed perhaps once in 5, without explanation…I have changed the Preset several times, and also the Rendering, but nothing helps

Do you have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance !

Original in French

Je souhaite utilisé cette fonction afin d’avoir une vision 3D de scan de crâne, afin de les cropper et faire du recalage affine. Cependant, le volume s’affiche peut être une fois sur 5, sans explication …J’ai changé plusieurs fois le Preset, et également le Rendering, mais rien y fait

avez vous une solution concernant ce problème ?

Merci par avance !

Is it possible that the shown volume is simply out of view? Can you please try clicking the “Center view” button and see if it helps?


If it does not, we’ll need more information, like a video and/or one of the images that do not show up.

By the way is this problem specific to input? If you load the same image 10 times do you still get a 1/5 ratio? Or an image either always shows up or never does?