Vote for Open Anatomy Project funding (deadline TODAY)!

Dear Slicer community,
Today is the last day to vote for $100K in research funding for the Open Anatomy Project, an open medical data project from members of Slicer community at Brigham and Women’s. Vote before 4PM ET (2100 UTC). Anyone can vote.

Vote here:
See the web site:

The Open Anatomy Project is transforming research medical data into free, high-quality anatomy atlases that can be used for medical education, reference, and research. Our current atlases should be familiar to the Slicer community (the SPL/NAC/PNL brain atlas, for example).

We plan to develop a community around creating, improving, and sharing atlases and anatomical knowledge. We are working on “one-click” export of data sets from Slicer directly into a web-based atlas viewer. And we are collaborating closely with medical partners in the Canary Islands, Senegal, Mozambique, and Mauritania to train the next generation of African medical students using open digital atlases.

Please support this project. Vote today!



Just voted. Good luck!