VR headset with macOS

I’m interested in buying a VR set to use with slicer3D on mac OS.

if anyone would share his experience and recommendation id be very thankful

There have been rumors in the past few years that it was possible to have virtual reality on some macOS configurations with special external GPUs, some specific headsets and special software environment, but I have never seen anybody being able to make such thing work.

Apple will probably come up with something in this field, but if you need desktop virtual reality and don’t want to wait then practically your only option is to get a Windows computer.

Is it the same issue when running windows using parallel software on Mac OS ?

Parallels would not work, your would need to install Windows on the computer. But that would not be enough.

Virtual reality requires a strong gaming GPU with hdmi connector that matches the headset requirements. I don’t think any macOS computer fulfills these requirements.