Want to use , slicer which is installed on cloud virtual machine

Hi ,
I’m trying to use slicer on cloud virtual machine, i tried to use Nomachine, team viewer, and real Vnc, please suggest me a rdp client or if i’m missing any settings in these software’s.


Okay , so finally i got logged in using noMachine,
the thing is it’s a virtual machine on Azure, and whwnever i try to open Slicer its fails to start.
Please suggest me a cloud machine requirement and configuration needed to run slice.

Thank you, and waiting for your replay @lassoan :slight_smile:

VNC and TeamViewer works, too. You need a virtual machine that supports OpenGL 3.2 to run Slicer. If that’s an issue and hardware-accelerated fast rendering is not needed, then you should be able to build a custom 3D Slicer that uses software OpenGL renderer.