Warping transform from fiducial registration doesnt work with volumes

I have created a warping transfrom from two landmark sets. The resultant transform can be successfully applied to a 3D model (see the screenshot, green model is under the resultant transform, and has a slight deformation compared to the skull its generated from).

However, when I put the volume under the same transform, I get strange deformation.

How can we make the warping transform work with volumes? Performance is rather slow with 3D models with large number of vertices, so I am testing if volume rendering can be used instead.

Probably you are seeing this issue?

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yes, apparently! (Slice view is correct). Meanwhile, is there a way to mitigate? Can I somehow use this transform to resample the image and render correctly?

Ok, it worked with resample. But it would be great if it can be done on the fly.

Yes, agreed, we should perform the hardening step as part of the volume rendering displayable manager (one of the many improvements that are needed in the volume rendering module).

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