Weird behaviour when loading US dicom

Hello guys. I’m new to 3dSlicer and I’m trying to work on my wife’s US. I tried following tutorials which got me to load the dicom files. Firstly I couldn’t load the dicom file using the dicom button and I am getting an error “Reference image in series does not contain geometry information, etc” I am able to load the dicom directly by dragging and dropping but then I get this (please see attached photo). What could be wrong here? I’m assuming its the dicom file that is incorrect. Is there a setting needed when saving the dicom file?

JPEG-compressed ultrasound sequences are unfortunately loaded with incorrect colors, if needed, we can provide script to fix the colors.

2D image sequence is loaded as a 3D image stack when using Add data interface, that’s why you see those patterns in yellow and green slice views.

What you would like to do with these ultrasound images?

Thank you for the reply. I want to create a model for 3d printing. I was able to get a new dicom data set and the sonographer saved the dicom data with and without a render (no idea what she meant) but I hope one of them will work.