Where to file/report bugs: Discourse or mantis?

I reported an issue with VR module couple days ago with one of the nightlies on Mantis (https://issues.slicer.org/view.php?id=4572) .
But I have been seeing people are also reporting issues on the forum as well. What is the preferred way of reporting them?

Valid question. I think what you did was the proper procedure, reporting bugs should happen on Mantis, and discourse is for questions. Many times when people ask something that is a bug, we need a Mantis issue.

I understand your concern though, because discourse is much more active. This is partly because I think not a lot of people follow all the activity on Mantis (such as myself), and the auto-assignment system is not very up-to-date. For example in this case a volume rendering (that said please let’s not use the term VR for that, because most people think it’s about virtual reality), the bug was assigned to J2, but he’s very unlikely to work on that, and it should be me who investigates. I’ll look into your issue.

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@jcfr Is it possible to set up Mantis to notify me about all incoming issues?

@muratmaga Now while we’re at it: there’s an issue I fixed for you a few days ago, and in this case we’re waiting for your response :slight_smile: If you missed the notification, then it’s a good illustration about this problem…

I did get the notification. But I think it will be good to link mantis and discourse somehow.

Anyways, this is actually a new issue I encountered with normal volume rendering, while testing your update. I provided a sample dataset. FOr me it reproduces all the time. Same dataset functions perfectly fine with the stable version.

I downloaded the dataset and will check it out. If it’s an easy fix I’ll do it today, but if not, I cannot promise anything because we’ll have the project week very soon. I’ll keep you posted… in the Mantis issue.

No rush on my end. I just want to make you aware, and also provide you a high-resolution dataset for testing purposes. Sometimes those are overlooked as they are not common in medical datasets.

There are two things to consider

Email notification

Could you check your account settings:

Auto-assign of issues

Currently some of the categories are auto-assigned. See below.

I think it is time to revisit this. Generally, I suggest we review each new issue, and then decide if we assign it or set the backlog target.

I have exactly the same settings as you, still, I don’t get notification about all new issues. I only get notifications if a bug changes that is assigned to me (or when I set a bug to be monitored, maybe also after I add a comment to an issue).

Same for me. I have all those checkboxes checked, still only get updates about issues assigned to me or monitored.

Removing default_notify_flags might solve this issue - see here: https://www.mantisbt.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6352.

I just updated the configuration was described below:

  • Always notify user with “manager” access level (see below) for details
  • Added @cpinter to the manager level (@lassoan was already associated with that access level)



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I also made sure that manager could tweak these settings:


Thank you @jcfr. I’ll let you know if I’m start getting notifications about new issues.

I still haven’t received any email about any issue that I aws not monitoring. @lassoan have you?

I get notifications when an issue is assigned to me or later when its state changes. However, I cannot get notifications about any new issues (before I interact with them).