Wiki outdated and some pages not working

the developers starting guide is completely outdated.

  1. the bug tracker in MantisBT is not accepting new users.
  2. the Bootcamp is based on google+ which will close on April 2, 2019

So I think some actions are need to preserve the comunity.

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@Sam_Horvath, the following items were on the agenda for a weekly hangout recently. Do you have any meeting notes that you could share with the community? I have seen EM Segmenter not usable after closing a scene with EMSegmenter node · Issue #686 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub as work towards the ReadTheDocs transition.

Is a lot of this waiting on the transition to Github? Any timeline or way to move this along so that community members who are willing to update documentation now can contribute in a meaningful way?

Tagging others: @jcfr, @pieper, @lassoan

is this really the case? I believe it is still the active issue tracker, even though people tend to use github and discourse more these days.

You should be able to create an account on the issue tracker using the “Signup for a new account” link:


@Alex_Vergara Thanks for pointing out these issues :+1:

We just removed the link to Google+ from the StartHere page.

Let us know if you identify other discrepancies.

Can you please be more specific which parts are completely outdated so that we can fix the biggest issues until the new documentation is up?

I know everyone has a lot of things going on, but is there an expected timeline for the new documentation? That open pull request is quite old.

I’m more likely to issue a pull request to update some documentation, than tell someone how to clarify the wiki and suggest a new formatting of the page.

It is ready. You can send pull requests to this branch and once the pull request is merged, the documentation on ReadTheDocs is updated automatically within minutes.

We’ll migrate content from the wiki page-by-page. Contribution from anyone is welcome. Once the content is moved from a wiki page, the page content is replaced with a link to the new location (using this template).

We’ll advertise this more after we migrate Slicer’s main repository to GitHub (currently it is a mirror of the official SVN repository).