Workflow for (Manual, Ground Truth) Segmentations in VFSS

Say, I’d like to create a manual segmentation of a rigid object (hyoid bone) in a videofluorosopic swallowing study (VFSS), which is a 2D time series. This object moves about (with a swallow) and the images are sometimes nosy/blurry.

I’d imagine the optimal workflow starting with creating a segmentation in one frame, copying it as it is to the next frame, then moving/dragging it to the right place, then copying it from the current into the next frame, and so on.

I did search for posts related to copying and transforming segmentations, but the solutions seem to involve quite a lot of interactions for duplicating segments and then interacting with them in 3D view — it would be a painstaking manual process, instead of just copy-to-next, drag, copy-to-next, drag, etc.

Is there anything of this sort that 3D Slicer or any extension can offer?

See this post about tools used for segmenting 2D time series (ultrasound image sequences):