You can now vote on feature requests

You can now have your say in what features you would like Slicer developers focus their attention, by voting on feature requests. Ideas that are requested by more users and easier to implement will be worked on first.

You can visit the feature requests category, open a request, and click the Vote button to cast your vote on your most wanted features.


You have a limited number of votes: 2 votes initially then + 2 more votes for each earned trust level. Your trust level is automatically incremented based on your forum activity - how many posts you read, how much time you spend on the site, how many days you visit, how many likes you get, etc. You can read this blog post if you want to learn more about trust levels.

Once a feature is implemented the feature request is closed and you can reuse your vote on another feature. You can also remove your vote anytime and add it to another feature instead.


Thanks! Is this thought for Slicer only, or also for extra modules like SlicerRt?

It is not always obvious is a feature should be implemented in Slicer core or an extension, so let’s make it broader.

Submit feature requests/vote for any feature that you would like to see in Slicer. regardless of where it will be implemented.

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I suggest making an edited post for the requested features by the forum admin. some of the suggestions including mine aren’t well explained or clearly written and may have back-and-forth discussions. therefore editing by an expert/admin will make it easier to understand and vote on.

You can add comments to any feature request to make sure that what you would like is clearly described (or create a few feature request if you feel that you want something very different). When implementation starts, the developer will clarify the plan.

Hi, is it possible to add “printer” feature to Slicer3D. Print on both radiology films and normal papers can be helpful. Thanks.

Feel free to create a new post in the Feature requests category and describe what you have in mind.