4dv file, error message

hello, i’m really a newbie. i installed slicer and just wanted to open a .4dv file which my doctor gave me.
i get this error massage, any suggestions what i can do?
“bool __cdecl qSlicerScalarOverlayReader::load(const class QMap<class QString,class QVariant> &) failed: missing fileName or modelNodeId property”
kind regards,
floppy :slight_smile:

Not all GE 3D ultrasound files can be loaded, but try these instructions and let us know if it works: https://github.com/SlicerHeart/SlicerHeart/blob/master/README.md#loading-ge-kretz-ultrasound-images

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Hello Andras Lasso, it says:

Any ideas?
Thanks for helping

Mr. Lasson, I sent you a message with a link, with those 4dv files, I could check them, I can’t open them either.

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The files you have were DICOM files that contained screenshots of 3D volumes (just color pictures, the same as the .jpg files that were in the folder, too) and a short time sequence of a static slice. They do not contain any 3D volumes.

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hello, can you tell us, how you opened the file and got the screenshots so i can extract them as well. thank you

“EXTRACT” was the right word!
Just thought, it can’t be that easy and renamed the .3DV file into .ZIP file :smiley:
Now I could extract the folder and had all the .DCM and .VOL files.
The .DCM files I could open and save as .JPG with Photohop.

If somone has the same problem, here you go!

I’ve checked that the .dcm files do not contain more information than the .jpg files by using the new RawImageGuess extension.

You may be able to load the .vol files using SlicerHeart extension.

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My .dcm files had larger .jpgs because the others in the folder were just thumbnails…
To open and check the .vol files as well was a good hint. Beautiful!