Application unable to start correctly (0xc0000142) error

I just downloaded and installed (into my user space) Slicer nightly. I ended up getting this error message. I already tried uninstall and reinstalled (to different locations) a bunch of times as generic help for this error code suggests on web.


I can provide info that I downloaded today’s nightly for Windows and it started normally for me.

Today’s Preview Release works well for me, too.

Have you installed any new software recently? Do previous Slicer releases work well?

See troubleshooting information here:

This was a windows 7 computer with a working Slicer that was recently migrated to Windows 10. It must be some sort of a corporate user policy change that probably broke the functionality. I managed to install other new programs (e.g., TurboVNC etc) that all seem to work.

It will be hard to chase, so I will just have them do a fresh reinstall of OS.

I also experienced this error on the 4.11.0-2019-09-03 and 4.11.0-2019-09-17 slicer nightlies. Attempted the following with no avail:

  • Two different Windows 10 machines (both 3rd generation Intel)
  • Installing to a custom directory
  • Installing to the default suggested directory
  • Opening as administrator
  • Opening with the ‘–disable-settings’ flag

I was however able to install and run both nightly versions without error on a Linux machine (7th gen Intel).

Edit: After reading the post linked above, I see now it is a CPU support issue.

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