Automate measurements of humerus distal end

I’m new at 3D slicer (very very new). I have a bunch (≈240) of digitalized Humeri (.stl, .ply and .obj). I’m assuming that the articular surface of their distal end can be approximated to a revolution surface (at least a part of it). Hence, in theory, it would be possible to have maximum and minimum radiuses and length of the articular surface, as well as a profile of the surface (or even curvature of it).

I was thinking that I could fit a cylinder to the articular surface in order to obtain the axis (for the revolution surface) and be able to measure the radiuses (but, how do I fit a cylinder?). However, I would have to define first the zone of the articular surface?

Anyway, considering the number of measurements I have to do, is there an automatic way to perform these measurements?

I still don’t know all the capabilities of 3D slicer, so perhaps there is an easy way to do this.

The humeri that I have are from different species of mammals, so there might be a lot of differences among them, depending on the genre of the animal (I guess).

I’d appreciate it a lot if you could help me with this :slightly_smiling_face: