Automating snapshots

I’m displaying a freesurfer surface, and applying a LUT from a text file to display different colors. However, I have a few hundred LUTs that I need to apply and take screenshots of each. Is it possible to automate slicer to do that?

It’s always possible to write a python script for things like that, but there’s nothing quite like that built in.

It is really easy to implement batch processing with Slicer. You have two options:

  • A. Create a bash/batch file that iterates through files and launches Slicer with each argument.
  • B. Manually launch Slicer and run a Python script that walks through the files and performs the loading/processing/export operations that you need.

How to load data, create screenshots: The slicer script repository should give you lots of complete examples for implementing common operations. A few specific hints:

Feel free to ask any questions, we should be able to respond very quickly.

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