Bone Reconstruction Planner

Yesterday we did the first case of mandibular reconstruction with fibula free flap using 3D Slicer extension, bone reconstruction planner in Sri Lanka at the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, faculty of the dental sciences university of Peradeniya. Perhaps this is the first time 3D Slicer was used in Sri Lanka for any surgery. Usually, the fibula surgical cutting guide alone costs around 1000 USDs, and both the resection and cutting guide is around 2000 USD including shipping, which we were getting down from Hong Kong. With this extension now it was developed within premises at fraction of the cost. The surgery was a success and we are hoping to continue the development. Thank you @mau_igna_06 for his enthusiasm and amazing coding abilities and Prof @lassoan for his continued effort in improving this extension.

signal-2021-08-21-080857 (6)

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This is amazing, thank you for sharing.


Hi Manjula. I think our team is great. Thank you logging these results.

I have a few suggestions:

  • change the title of this post to “Mandibular reconstruction surgery made with Slicer’s BoneReconstructionPlanner extension” (or something you like) to make it easier to discover for other surgeons
  • add a picture of the Virtual Surgical Planning (the reconstructed mandible) and a picture of each surgicalGuide on the Slicer’s 3D-view
  • to have all logs of surgeries on one place, add a post here:
  • add more details about how the surgicalGuides were printed

More info about this project:

  • @manjula will post a videotutorial of use of this extension soon. He’ll add a link here when it’s ready.
  • A branch adding a feature to plan inmediate dental implants and design custom titanium plates to fix the reconstruction is currently on development. When this is achieved we’ll have the stardard of care on mandibular reconstruction for free on opensource software.
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