Can I reconstruct implant for defect zone for a human patient?


Because my research and learning are continuing…

The point I’m curious about is related to your software; let me try to
explain it step by step.

  1. The person’s CBCT scan is being taken.
  2. Region of interest is modeled via CBCT scan.
  3. The defect area is being reconstructed.
  4. The reconstructed region is extracted in stl format.
  5. The stl model is being given to the printer program to be sliced.

Does your program in stage-3 do what I want to say? I put a picture on Attachment, I like it if you look at it.

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Ekran görüntüsü 2023-10-17 182800

Please check if this extension can achieve your goals:

If not please comment about what’s missing :slight_smile:

Can I use the software on human patients? Or is it just for software research purposes?

This should address your questions:

And for Slicer itself, please be aware of this information about the license: