Can 2D dicom images be histogram matched in 3D slicer?


For example, when I use histogram matching method on 3D images, there are options to let me select the input, output and reference volumes:

But when I open a single DICOM image, for example, an ultrasound image, there are no such options:

So my question is, can 2D dicom images be histogram matched in 3D slicer? Or does 3D slicer has better methods about preprocessing ultrasound images?

Thanks a lot !

If you see a volume in the slice viewer but you don’t see it in a scalar volume selector then the most likely reason is that the image was saved as a color image (for example, because a screenshot was taken of the original image and saved as a tiff file).

I would recommend not to use such image because its quality may have been significantly and irreversibly degraded (may have been converted to 8 bits, compressed, etc.) and physical spacing information may have been altered. Instead, try to get the original image and use that.

If you want to use this potentially degraded image anyway then you can convert it to a scalar volume using Vector to scalar volume module.

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