Can November 2023 update be installed without overwriting my previous 2019 Windows install?

I have the 2019 version of 3D slicer installed (on Windows 10), but I do not yet want to overwrite that version with the new 2023 version. Is that possible?

I am not sure what 2019 version that would be, but as long as you install separate folders (which is default), you can have as many 3D Slicer applications as you would like.


(Sorry, the previous version I have been using for several months now is v5.4.0, which I thought was released in 2019.)

I’ve been using 3D slicer in a non-medical context, for a personal project-- it has solved a long-standing problem for me that no other app can accomplish, that I know of-- taking ‘slice renders’ of an object–made in a 3-D graphics app called POV-ray-- and recreating the object as voxels, for eventual 3-D printing. That app’s models are mostly mathematical primitives that cannot be exported an an .stl file there, or even imported into another app-- except for 3D slicer by way of the slice images. It works beautifully.