Orthogonal reformat


I am reformating an isotropic MRI using the reformat widget. How can I do this reformatting so that the slices are orthogonal to each other?


Gonzalo Rojas Costa

The reformat widget is not very powerful and I don’t think it supports suchorthogonality constraint.

Instead, you can rotate slice views by displaying slice intersections and then:

  • use Ctrl + Alt + Left-click-and-drag using your mouse, or
  • pinch-and-rotate on touchscreen (on Windows) or on the touchpad (on macOS), or
  • or define the desired orientation using a transform and then use “Volume reslice driver” module in SlicerIGT extension to show orthogonal slices

There are specialized modules for orthogonal reslicing along curves, etc.

Using the first solution, how can I save the images reformated?

See complete example for accessing image data of reformatted slices in the script repository.